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GamblingUK is your leading source of information from the world of iGaming and mainstream casinos. We provide readers with the most comprehensive guides and analyses of the gaming industry in the United Kingdom while considering the legal landscape.

A Team of Experts to Help You Find the Best Casinos

Our team of experts focuses on examining the offer of each individual licensed casino or iGaming venue that is currently authorized to operate in the country. We further look into all separate parts of the gaming experience and carefully analyse the available offer to ensure that the industry’s benchmarks of excellence are met.

Our team consists of people who have worked in the iGaming sector for years, making a career at iGaming companies, online casinos or regulators and risk and compliance companies. We have both the hands-on experience and the legal understanding of the industry to produce articles and reviews of exceptional value to our readers.

What We Do Is Keep You Safe

The team we employ is committed to researching all online gaming venues and providing readers with a reliable guidance to the iGaming industry in its present state. We factor important changes that are due to happen and reflect them duly in our reviews, analyses and general articles on the industry.

With our help, you can obtain reliable knowledge of the iGaming industry, allowing you to play safely and securely throughout your entire journey in the online casino sector. Our service focuses on reviewing important aspects of the gaming experience, including, but not limited to:

  • Casino Safety
  • Games
  • Bonus offers
  • Mobile & live platforms

At the end of the day, you will know which casino to pick and more importantly – which operator offers you the best chances of success and the safest online environment.

Always Be Responsible

We understand that a beloved hobby can often become a little more than that and that’s why our website is serious about recommending and reviewing operators that are devoted to the concept of keeping their customers safe.

This means that every operator that we review must partner with a leading health or gambling awareness organisation based in the United Kingdom, including:

We make a particular point of examining how much emphasis individual operators put on customer protection and only end up reviewing the online casinos, card room, and other operators that have a proven track record.

Even if you are looking for a place to play on your own, always make sure that the operator in question, be that a bingo website, an online cardroom or a casino, is committed to the Responsible Gambling Initiative.

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