Free Spins

We all enjoy arriving at a casino and being welcomed with a small treat. Anything that would communicate the operator’s good will and show us that the place does care about the people who frequent it. All sorts of special offers exist, but one that stands out is the free spins feature. And while you may get those as part of a deposit bonus, there’s even a more tempting option – a few quick credits in exchange for a quick registration. There’s no price to pay at all. A few clicks and you’ll see the freebies neatly credited to your bankroll.

Now, you may wonder: How does such offer help me? Oh, it’s quite simple, really:

  • These goodies will extend your stay at a casino;
  • You will play with the operator’s money and stand a chance to win;
  • It’s simply convenient to get a few extra spins under your belt.

When it comes to free spins, there are hardly any bad options on the market. But we can still help you choose the places where you will find the real bargains.

What’s a Free Spin?

Free spins are no-risk gaming credits you can use at a specific slot a casino offers. The free spin is a free-of-charge chance to play at a game that the casino has selected for that purpose. You will be allowed to play a certain number of times, usually varying between 10 and 20. These freebies can be part of a deposit or no-deposit offer. In other words, they may be credited to you just for opening up your account or you can receive them following a deposit.

Free Spins Are the Real Treats – So How Do We Get Those?

Example of free spins as part of deposit offer.
Get up to 200 free-spins in a heartbeat!

Free spins are definitely a great idea and you will appreciate having them. They are a type of ‘free cash’ that you can spend on a select few titles, usually picked at the discretion of your casino. The best part, though, is that you get to keep your winnings. Of course, playing through 20 freebies is not really time-consuming and as soon as you are done with that, you may feel a bit down. But don’t, because there are ways to get more at a great rate!

Looking to replenish your starved bankroll with fresh freebies?

We recommend taking full advantage of the welcome package each casino comes with. Basically, a casino would offer you a number of treats in exchange for a small deposit. The extra spins you can get vary from 40 to 250, and beyond.

So, you have just arrived at a point where you can extend your gaming efforts and increase your chances of stacking up your winnings. Why? Because you can use both your free rolls as well as your cash to play.

This adds up to a respectable bankroll that you should explore in full. Of course, you’ll still want to keep your funds under control to guarantee yourself future success.

Deposit vs No Deposit Freebies – What to Pick?

As we have said, it’s hardly possible to see any downside to any of these free offers. However, you may want to opt for a welcome package straight off the bat, because of the rather more generous treats that come along with it. Leveraging both your hard-earned currency and extra treats you get will take you to the point where you are venturing through the levels of your choosing and:

  • Exploring the game in full;
  • Winning respectable sums;
  • Extending your stay.

Also, these complementary rolls can be used on a title of your choosing once you have made a small contribution to your account and triggered. That’s why deposit free rolls are what we prefer, although it would be silly to advise you to snub the complete freebies. Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of offers, we can see how they benefit us and where their weaknesses lie:

The Free Goodies and Why They Matter!

No Deposit FreebiesDeposit Free Spins
Not a single money unit spent!Greater number of available credits.
Offers you to explore a game while winning money.Versatility in picking your own titles.
Cannot pick your own titles.Coming in increments.
Limited to just a few spins

If anything can be cited as a drawback to the deposit version, it’s the simple fact that you will always need to add to your funds in order for the other spins to be released, and this can be a bit pesky.

Stay Smart, Let the Casino Reach Out First

It’s not uncommon for players to register and play through their free credits and leave. You may be thinking – alright, this was a bit of a waste, but the fact is it’s not!

Casinos take notice of such things. They recognise that players crave more free spins and they can give it to them. Even if you have only registered an account or left one dormant for months, you may benefit from your past gaming forays in various ways, including:

  • A past casino can credit you spins out of the blue;
  • You can get a news update on all offers highlighting spins with an operator you visited only temporarily.

Marketing is important to a casino and if done well – it will benefit you as well. Of course, casinos seek to sow the seeds of integrity and loyalty and they have no problem with crediting you these small tokens if they will win your allegiance.

The Truly Free Stuff!

Every so often, a casino would agree to hand you out free spins and just let you use them any which way you find appropriate. However, in most of the cases, these boons will come with a feasible set of conditions that are nonetheless something to be aware of and try to fulfil. When accepting a promotion, you are signing a contract with the casino.

Don’t worry, though. You don’t stand to lose anything. To benefit in full from an offer, you’ll have to play by the rules outlined in the terms & conditions of the specific bargain you are opting for.

Let’s Check the Wagering Requirements

So, every freebie you pick will necessarily has its own set of conditions. Examining those is important. Casinos have something called ‘playthrough’, meaning that your bonus money have to be staked a given number of times before you can cash out any actual winnings. Now, you will usually have to stake your money between one and 50 times. There’s a slight chance that you may lose your money before a condition has been met.

Example of terms and conditions.
Read through these carefully to save yourself time & trouble later!

However, the majority of players seldom end up in such pitfalls. You are more likely to register a slight loss playing with your bonus money, but then offset this by tapping into the free spins. Or vice versa.  When considering how much to stake, you can ask yourself: “Am I willing to play through this sum the specified number of times?” This way you can reach a decision you feel comfortable with.

Picking an Alternative to Free Spins

As long as you want to earn something out of your stay at a casino, you will need to use free spins as your promotion or bonus of choice. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the games without having to shed funds. There are practice play modes that will allow you to completely benefit from what a particular title has to offer.

Free play mode.
Enjoy a game in full at no price at all!

More so, you will be able to explore the game’s paytable, check how often you are winning, and whether you like the ambience, storyline and other gaming elements that ultimately influence how happy you are with your stay at an operator. We always advise our readers to check out games for free before accepting any promotional offers. All of our recommended casinos have a great selection of titles from multiple providers that come with full free-to-play modes.

Find out more about the pay-outs.
Stop by the paytable and find out more about your chances to win!

Opening Account with Multiple Casinos – Pros & Cons

We have already sketched out a scenario whereby you can register with a number of operators and just let your accounts linger for a while. Not all are bound to pay attention to your decision to go inactive, but there’s a slight chance that, if you aren’t in a hurry yourself, you may in future benefit in some small way.

Not to mention that by having a few accounts to pick from, you can also benefit from varied promotions, especially around the time of a major holiday. Of course, sharing your private information with so many different companies can be daunting at first. That’s why we recommend to only pick the operators that have been completely vetted, licensed and certified.

How can we know that the casino where we are playing is offering a safe and fair gaming environment?

Fairness and Technology to Help You Go Far With a Free Spin

Before we even consider enjoying a decent offer, you will want to make sure that the place you have picked is indeed up to the required standard. Now, this doesn’t require much research, though it helps to stop by the websites of the certifying and licensing agencies. Alternatively, you can always use our recommendation, too! We have developed a seal of approval that we use in our internal evaluation process.

Stay safe with the best operators!
Stay safe with the best operators!

So, what makes the operator quite reliable? First, fairness! Fairness is guaranteed by the Random Number Generator which has tricked machines to think that there are ‘random outcomes’. A machine just can’t do it. It always knows and sees the algorithms. However, thanks to the devoted software companies out there, we can get a truly random outcome of each game we play and thus know that everything is fair and square.

And just so that you are sure that there is no tomfoolery going on, iTech Labs and similar independent bodies will quite readily prod the offer of a casino for any sort of mismanagement of the slots. It helps to know that a casino can’t really do much, if anything at all, to change the outcome of games.

And that’s brilliant! A nod of approval from iTech Labs and the likes is your sure-fire way of knowing that you are in good hands.

Depositing for Free Spins

It seldom happens, but sometimes the payment method you choose to deposit with may in fact influence what bonus you are entitled to. For instance, free spins could not be an available option if you choose an e-wallet, such as Neteller, Skrill or PayPal. Yes, it’s not exactly convenient, but it happens.

And as it happens, it’s always worth knowing what you can expect. Thankfully, casinos have provided this information in their banking option pages and even bonus conditions! If it’s a no deposit bonus, naturally, you won’t have to worry about any of that. And yet, knowledge is a great advantage when you are playing. Do make a habit out of reading through the T&C more often than not and save yourself a few bugbears down the road.

Free Spins – The Game Changer for Every Bankroll

There is a lot of useful information you can obtain before plunging into the amusing madness that is slots. Familiarity with the payout rates, checking if the cogwheels are in order, it all adds up. But thankfully, the reward is worth every bit of effort. Free spins do offer you an amazing chance to introduce some extra funds to your casino balance. And what better way to do that by giving casino a good run for their money?

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