New Betting Sites

As a nation, we simply love to bet. The best bookies in business have long had their online operations neatly set-up and the focus has shifted from the land-based shops. However, one question persists. Where do we get to experience fresh ways of betting on sports?

The answer is quite simple. Even though competition has made it somewhat more challenging for minor-league bookies to keep up, it has also invited a time of rapid expansion and innovation. It’s precisely on new betting sites that we focus today, and before you finish this article, you will:

  • Find out how to pick and spot the best ones for yourself;
  • Learn about the new segments that fresh bookies have been exploring;
  • Know how to protect yourself from the websites that don’t meet our pre-determined criteria for excellency.

Don’t you worry if you want to skip straight to our list of recommendations instead, though, as we are always happy to help – be that by offering solid advice or showing you a few shortcuts!

How to Pick the Right New Betting Sites for Yourself?

New operators are quite exciting in their own right. They come with a promise to make you the first users to benefit from their exclusive promotions that often sprout up on their pages. And promos can be quite persistent in the days following the release of a new betting website.

For this particular reason we introduce you to the best new betting sites. We explore the advantages of playing on an operator that has just opened doors. Our analysis runs deep and it delivers an accurate appraisal of the bookie you have picked. A team of experienced researchers and analysts helps you find the best promos, banking methods and innovative features new bookies have decided to adopt! We look at the market and sift through the many fresh operators to point you in the direction of those that live up to our expectations. Oh, and did we mention bonuses?

Available sports betting bonuses.
The thrill of out-betting a professional football player.

Bonuses will probably feature traditional specials, such as the old familiar face of the matched offers and perhaps quite the festive treats that come along with mainstream events across any of the featured markets.

However, you must not leave this be the determining factor in your choice of a new sports betting operator. Of course, betting against Robert Pirès has its unadulterated charm, but more diligence is necessary when making a choice such as the one you have on your hands.

After you have arrived at a new operator, there are several things you will want to check, come what may. Bonuses we have already covered, but let’s just take a look into the other factors that determine how worthy a new betting site is:

  • Design & Interface – It’s important to keep things simple, intuitive, and yet exquisitely designed. Not many people these days will opt for a bookie that hasn’t put a minimum amount of effort polishing its facilities. As a punter, you will also want an interface that is actually quite user-friendly and provides you with all the necessary solutions without having to spend much time looking for those.
  • Reputation & Licensing – Perhaps you are wondering: what good would reputation do me at this point? Even fresh bookies, though, have people talking about them. As part of our reviewing process, for example, we meticulously scoop up any genuine feedback you leave on the world wide web and synthesise it for your benefit. Reputation as it turns out is king, and it definitely never hurts to have a license from a whitelisted jurisdiction
  • Touring the Banking Facilities – Being the smart punter you are, you will certainly want to know how your money is handled. New betting sites will ultimately seek to establish the full range of payment solutions. You may also spot a few novelties such as vouchers and mobile payment, although these are now increasingly popular as well.

Naturally, this doesn’t exhaust the list. Further down in our article, we will cover fairness and safety and quickly go through the importance of In-Play and mobile-compatibility.

Innovative and Accomplished, New Betting Sites Outshine the Competition

Call them novices if you will, but their short history doesn’t stop them from becoming the new trend-setters. The trail-blazers of today have a big claim on the future. As part of our reviewing service, we have covered extensively new operators in the recent years and some of them are already considered established names with users assuming that they have been in business for decades. Not each bookie has, though.

Available helplines at bookmakers.
Protecting you and your interest is important to new betting sites.

But any new player that wants to leave its mark on the industry, generate sufficient excitement, and part the seas of competition to lead punters safely on the other side will have to not only make a sufficient investment – they will have to think bigger than anything so far.

That is why the best new operators we cover are in fact out-of-the-box undertakings with excellent ideas that they pursue with determination. Adamant about their future, novelty in brand-new operators takes many forms, including, but hardly limited to:

  • New enticing markets, such as eSports or country-specific leagues and competitions;
  • Customer service that prioritises the safety of the customer first and minimises respond time;
  • Social responsibility programs and actively seeking to help struggling players;
  • Meaningful and cleverly-developed multi-tier loyalty schemes that reward you for participating in the various activities on the bookmaker.

Diving into new segments and providing educational feedback on your gaming experience may sound like things of the future, but there is a strong push among new operators to take the integrity standards up a notch.

Exquisitely Diverse, Markets Offer Choice

When it comes to sifting through the available markets, new bookmakers will not disappoint. But on top of the known odds on the biggest games, you are likely to find many other sports and particular competitions that you can cover. Of course, it could be difficult for a new player to leverage insights from lesser known markets in general, but the attempt has been quite palpable.

A graphic depicting the history of esports.
A brief history of esports.

Take for example esports betting. There are not many bookmakers that will forego the privilege of appealing to young and diverse crowd of punters who are more than willing to part with money to support their team.

However, the eSports savants have proven quite knowledgeable insofar as video gaming goes and the bookies are posting losses in the segment. And yet, the adoption of innovation is essential to the overall success of a bookie, and so the offers continue to multiply at a steady pace.

How to Pick New Betting Sites Based on the Features You Love

Let’s face it, we all love different aspects of a sports book. Some of us prefer to enjoy the variety of sports and freely switch to and fro between whatever derby crops up on our screen. Other put a great store by the ability to navigate freely and around the clock through the well-stocked betting options. And for third, it’s a simple matter of mobile-compatibility and exquisite banking options that put all your money worries behind your back.

Graphic analysing in-play betting.
A statistical data about in-play betting.

Whatever you choose, we make sure that your favourite features are there to keep you quite satisfied with the results. Not many new bookies will invest in a native app or an In-Play option, but those that do are the real winners you are after.

Mobile compatibility in its own right is quite important, but even more surprisingly, In-Play and mobile gaming go hand-in-hand, driving the popularity of sports betting up. One of the best features that you can benefit from, though, is the promising cash out feature. Let’s elaborate on it quickly.

Seamless Cash Out and In-Play

When you consider In-Play betting, you will have to make sure that the new betting sites you pick run the Cash Out option. With the help of Cash Out, you can turn a losing bet minimising the risk to your bankroll. Cash Outs work in two distinct ways:

  • First, an operator can offer you to cash your money completely and this will allow you to get some of your money back.
  • Conversely, a bookie may see that things are going rather well for you and offer you to claim your proceedings at a specific moment instead of waiting a game out to the end.

Does this make sense? Certainly. In the first scenario, you are minimising any potential losses while keeping part of it in the game if the more unlikely scenario indeed takes place and your losing wager turns a winner.

In the second case, you may have spotted a slight aberration on the team you are rooting for and decided that you are better of claiming your winnings right on the spot.

Cash out option at a bookmaker.
An adjustable Cash Out at one of the UK’s best bookies.

However, it’s all a mind game and ultimately a judgement call. Some gamers go into this type of betting, because they feel they can use the extra challenge. Others like the volatility of the odds and the even better chances of a tidy profit.

Great Payout Rates

Every sports book is looking to minimise their losses. When dealing with unfamiliar markets, bookies usually flop outright, although they may choose to stick with a market in order to build up enthusiasm and convert players into other markets. Conversion is indeed a term that helps betting agencies stay lucrative, and it helps if you know a thing or two about them.

To reduce potential losses, bookies charge commissions on every bet. This could be called juice, house edge (most commonly in casinos, though) or vogirsh/vig, which comes from the Russian word for winnings (выигрыш). All bookies will always list how much of a commission they take, but you can expect them to charge 4.5%.

When looking for the newbetting sites, we recommend that you check the commission they charge. The ones we support, will stay within the 5% mark. Now, we will offer you a quick crash course on how to actually make sure that the house edge is nothing you should worry about.

Juicing Things Up

Want to one-up the bookies? There is an easy way to do just that! First, careful planning of every bet will develop in you the habit of carrying out your due diligence ahead of any major decision. You may do a few more things to make sure the vig doesn’t get in the way much either.

Simple Ways to Get an Advantage over the Bookies
Look for reduced vig options
Pick matches & markets you know well
Make sure to bet on multiple bookies to offset the house edge

If we had to sum up, the outlined points in the table constitute the three most important pieces of advice that will make you an excellent punter. And most importantly, do make sure that you actually enjoy sports betting to the point where your hobby is not becoming a drag on your finances.

Looking at the Pros and Weighing the Cons

Many reasons exist why you should keep your eyes peeled for the latest operators out there. As outlined in our quick guide on proper sports betting, you stand to benefit from playing with multiple operators. Constantly on the go and adding multiple bonuses, you can always benefit from the deliberately-seductive offers that operators post to impress you. And let’s face it – odds are slightly more generous.

Could we, though, equate the pros and the cons and get a more graphical way of gauging the boons that good we stand to gain and the risk we are about to take by playing at a new operator?

The Advantages and Drawbacks to Play at New Betting Sites

Better bonuses & promosNew operators need to yet build their reputation.
More generous oddsQuality is determined over time with appropriate feedback.
New underpinning softwareSecurity needs to be confirmed by a license from a whitelisted jurisdiction.
A solid ROI based on minimum wagersNew bookies have yet to add some markets.
Chance to become a VIP customer before everyone elseA mobile compatible website will not necessarily have a dedicated app.

In so many words, new betting sites are exciting and they hold a dear promise of turning even modest wagers into impressive bankroll, they still entail a few unknowns that can make the overall experience rather more challenging than anticipated.

Forging Ahead With New Betting Sites

Looking at the big picture, new betting sites are either a hit or miss. At Gambling UK, we only support those that are worth your while. Fresh operators come into existence adopting the best practices of the industry, but add just a pinch of their own vision of how things should be done. Using all the benefits of the industry today, the new agencies are here to challenge the status quo.

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