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Picking a casino is exciting, but it could also be a lot of hard rock. As your resident casino experts, we know that it takes a fair bit to research the bits and bobs of an operator and examine the specifics. And we love it. We are just as excited as you are about finding an excellent place to play your favourite iGaming products. But first, let’s focus on establishing their credentials.

Don’t worry. You won’t have to burden yourself with this task. At Gambling UK, we take it upon ourselves to provide you with detailed online casino reviews, that will help you make a smart and informed choice. Our experts look into numerous aspects of a casino, including:

  • Fantastic casino software options & excellent game providers
  • The history of a specific operator, including any reported misunderstanding
  • How feasible bonuses are and how they help your game
  • A look through the reliable banking solutions available at the website
  • Wholeness of the gaming experience throughout different devices

Ultimately, our boffins take a fair while to asses a casino, but when they have completed their research, you know that our seal of approval carries weight and can be trusted.

Online Casino Reviews: Why Choose Our Helpful Insights?

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We help you find the most useful reviews.

Choice these days is overwhelming. The gambling industry is not what it used to be, and it’s has become open to new actors who may now carve a name for themselves fairly easily. However, operational costs are weighty, and we have seen quite a few operators opt for a shortcut. Perhaps just a bit of a cost cut here and trimming the fat there, and yet – it all leads to a poorer experience.

But even then, we are quite willing to acknowledge a casino for what they excel at whilst still drawing your attention to the few caveats we find to be essential to your decision-making progress. By taking a few moments to read our reviews, you will notice that what we offer you is an honest & complete breakdown of what a particular operator puts on their website.

Reviewing Online Casinos With the Experts

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Expert reviews by dedicated staff.

Now, let’s shed some light about who we are and how we help you stay at the forefront of the iGaming industry. The people who take care for your comfort come from various industries and background, but they all share a love for gambling. We have media & risk compliance analysts and due diligence experts who have now decided to pursue a career of reviewing and apprising the best casinos out there.

We use mostly the public domain but often explore registers and court cases, should information be available. We manage to collate and put data together so that you can know that you will always be able to trust the information you find here.

How do we ensure high standard of reviews?
We sift all the available information we obtain from the casino.
Our experts then check credible sources for additional information.
We reach out to customer support and third-parties to provide a detailed account of the whole operator.
With the information available we assign rating and feature the casino on our dedicated pages or rule it out completely if it fails to meet the criteria.

Of course, ensuring that you are enjoying the best possible options takes quite a bit of time, but we are quite proud of the final product that we submit, knowing that it will become a constant future reference for you.

In the article you may expect all you need to know about online casino reviews. How do we make sure all is up to scratch? What are the specific methods we use? By the time you are done reading, you will know how to conduct searchers yourself and be completely self-sufficient in choosing a casino of your own. The kicker? You can still opt for our fantastic reviews, which will save you tons of time!

Why Trust the Devoted Professionals?

We once used to be gamers trawling the depths of the internet for reliable information, but something would always be amiss. That’s why we’ve decided to roll our sleeves up and break a no-nonsense approach to reviewing operators. Not to mention, that we ourselves are always on the lookout for a new venue where we can explore the special goodies, bonuses, and of course the excellent selection of gaming options.

In a word, we do things as they should be done, establishing the industry’s standards and providing you with the in-depth and yet easy-to-process information you have always preferred.

You can trust us, because your satisfaction with our detailed guidance will be your surest indicator as to the quality of the product we offer here.

A Keen Eye for Detail – Game Selection & Providers

Of course, we love gaming and we won’t lie – it takes us a bit of effort to shake off the desire to stick with the games a little longer. But we have work to do and because of this we focus on exploring and commenting on the gaming facilities instead. Whilst an individual breakdown of every single game would take too long to conclude, we have allocated sufficient time to examine the software that powers up the whole gaming department.

We make it abundantly clear why certain games are much better than others. It mostly has to do with the payout percentage and collating statistically relevant data which helps us reach a conclusion which game may be a wee bit better in the long term. Naturally, we also don’t miss to warn you that certain games offer less wriggle room when it comes to notching up solid winnings in the long game. Our online casino reviews focus on providing you with the utmost details about the game developers.

IGT and Microgaming as the best software developer
Pictured: Microgaming and IGT. Choosing good software developers is important.

Instead, we prefer to focus on your attention on skill-based iGaming products that will pit you against the machine that runs the casinos known as a Random Number Generator. Worry not, even though the odds may seem to be favouring the host, there are quite a few ways to upend this advantage.

Online Casino Reviews and the Mobile Choices

Of course, we can talk about the pervasiveness of smartphones and that this is in the essence of the push towards the mobile segment. However, we take into consideration a handful of other features we hold equally important as well. Casinos have realised that mobile solutions appeal to customers, because they are:

  • Convenient and intuitive to use;
  • Accessible at any point and time;
  • Just as powerful as the desktop versions.

That’s where we step in and provide our insight on the compatibility of the casino software, leaving no stone unturned. Our reviewers meticulously explore the completeness of the gaming experience from a variety of devices, including iOS and Android-based platforms. Tablets and smartphones help us go over the offer of an operator in full, and check every last nook and cranny!

And gaming is just the beginning. We want to ensure that accessing your casino from a mobile device will provide you with the full functionality of the website. This will certainly include banking options and customer care on speed dial. It’s paramount for us to be able to find our way in the mobile version just as easily as we do with our desktop computers to issue a good overall score for the website. We also take notice of the technology that has gone into creating the selection of features.

When it comes to gaming, the flagship operators have began bolstering their offer by converting Flash-based titles into HTML5-compatible ones. This way more iOS devices can enjoy fantastic slots and the experience is becoming more inclusive.

An Honest Look into the Safety, Security, and Licensing

Part of all online casino reviews is to consider the terms and conditions. They will reveal much about what we want to know about what to expect from our experience as customers on any particular casino. There are several pillars to ensuring that your operator of choice meets the latest standards when it comes to security:

Security Standards in Online Casinos
Data encryption and SSL protection of the website
Refusal to share private information with third-parties
Audits of the website’s RNG numbers by independent licensed companies
License by an established authority

Within this four-step guide lies the key to a successful operator. We make a point of exploring every last condition that is put in the T&C of the website itself. Our experts sift through the texts carefully and note down any discrepancies. Because we rely on many professionals and we are always ready to comment between ourselves if a particular point merits further investigation.

It is at this point that we reach out to customer support and bring up our questions with them. We keep the dialogue open, identifying ourselves as a reviewing service, and perhaps on occasion, we do get treated a bit more expediently. Ultimately, we are quite able to tell when the customer care agents are upfront with us.

Finally, in order to ensure that the operations of a casino are licensed properly, we will examine the certification they claim to have and go to the webpage of the certifying body where we can either confirm or disprove the statement. But we do still make a point of reputation which we hold to be vital and even slightly more important than the license itself.

Online Casino Reviews and Our Own Standards

Confident in our own expertise, we feel comfortable reviewing the casinos out there. Our criteria are definitely strict, but we also acknowledge that a fallibility in a casino is not necessarily a sentence. We are open to those operators who are genuinely trying to better their offer so that they may provide a more secure and reliable product.

Still, we will protect our brand name and only furnish accurate data based in fact. Delightful as some casinos may be, they will not necessarily make the final cut either. With this in mind, we want you to use our brand as a point of reference and a sure-fire way of picking a reliable & genuine casino for yourself.

Using the Public Domain for the Best Results

A significant part of our research is focused on exploring what has been said and done by customers and the operators that feature in our online casino reviews. We focus on looking into old misdeeds on the part of either parties that may help us garner more information.

Naturally, we always choose the side of the customer, but for the sake of objectivity, we cannot help ourselves and look into some cases that claim that the wagering conditions have been stilted, for example. You will notice, if you choose to carry out your own research, that people often get vexed over the playthrough requirements. However, it’s worth noting that for the most part – customers feel comfortable overlooking these which then leads to unpalatable situations.

Having said that, our experts will never let bias influence our final judgement, which is precisely why you can trust our opinion.

Online Casino Reviews You Can Trust

If there is one particular point that make us particular proud of what we do, it certainly has to do with the fact that we are diligent record-keepers of all facts that have to do with the casinos we examine. Our opinion is untinged by allegiance to any operator. We are content to be able to unpick a casino and drill to the bedrock of what they have to offer.

With years of relevant experience in carrying out meticulous researches, we are able to provide all our readers with a complete and yet easy to read account of what their operator has been up to! Rest assured that you may base your future gaming exploits on our solid opinion.

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