Betknowmore Joins GambleAware-Commissioned National Gambling Support Network

Betknowmore UK, a charitable organization devoted to responsible gaming, has just become a member of the National Gambling Support Network (NGSN). This is part of the organization’s efforts to broaden the scope of its help for people coping with gambling-related harm. This initiative will run over the next three years.

The NGSN is an initiative that is the brainchild GambleAware and comprises several treatment providers throughout the sector. The network takes a regional-first strategy and emphasizes early intervention.

More Funding and Streamlined Processes

To better assist persons in Great Britain who are suffering from gambling-related harm, GambleAware has decided to double the financing for the network supporting those people over the next year. This will help local providers to better triage clients into the most appropriate treatment program.

The newly developed service will improve the gambling harms treatment sector by encouraging a comprehensive, coordinated approach. It also intends to inspire service providers to be creative in their efforts to help victims at a reasonable cost.

For any short intervention for gambling-related harm, staff will refer those in need of help to the nearest treatment providers. The local providers will then perform an evaluation and recommend patients to the most appropriate care or assistance program.

New Opportunities for Collaboration

GambleAware’s Chief Commissioning Officer Anna Hargrave praised the NGSN for uniting “excellent regional providers, who are strong agents of change working to meet people’s needs.” The network’s strategy centers on regional-level efforts. That is to help in forging productive partnerships with municipal and state-level organizations.

The team at Betknowmore is ecstatic to be a part of this effort. This, they believe will change early intervention, support, and treatment services in meaningful ways that have far-reaching effects.

“The new NGSN launch is an important milestone for supporting and treating people harmed by gambling in the UK. Betknowmore UK is immensely proud to contribute to a national provision of work… The three key services that we will provide are a demonstration that the voice of lived experience, embedded into peer and community support, has an essential part to play in gambling harms prevention and recovery.”

Frankie Graham, Founder & CEO of Betknowmore UK

Betknowmore UK launched in December 2013 to reduce the impact that gambling has on the lives of UK residents.  The charity counts helping people overcome gambling problems and finding them jobs in the gambling support industry as one of its greatest accomplishments.